What is ONCAT?

ONCAT is an online application for easier management of EU-financed projects. It centralizes all project information, accounting and activity monitoring via a user friendly web interface facilitating the preparation of progress reports. The application reduces the administrative work of project partners, coordinator and auditors, leaving more time available for results oriented responsibilities.

Authorized users can have access to the application anytime and anywhere.

ONCAT has three modules that can be sold separately or integrated

Financial Control

  • ONCAT is the on-line gateway to financial data and documents collection, in accordance with the requirements of each programme
  • Comprehensive control of the expenditure and income process during project management, as well as distribution of the grant
  • Generation of self-customized financial follow-up tables and Excel financial official reports and payment claims
  • Developed to simplify the financial control and the reporting workflow in transnational cooperation projects
  • In compliance with the established allocation of tasks among Lead Partner, project partners and external auditors
  • Allows remote auditing inspections

Activity Monitoring

  • Introduction of project activities following official project timeplan
  • Monitoring of milestones, outputs and indicators
  • Monitoring of activities and subactivities
  • Comprehensive control of progress during project management
  • Project document repository linked to project activities
  • Immediate correspondence and update of indicators achievements

Timekey (optional)

  • Introduction of the time spent by the staff in projects
  • Comprehensive control of the 100% of each person's time to avoid overlapping allocations
  • Easy calculation of staff costs
  • Generation of Excel timesheets per projects in accordance with the formats required by the programmes


ONCAT is a centralized Online tool that simplifies project monitoring and control, both from a financial and an activity point of view.


It eases project management, reduces administrative work, and keeps project documentation in a centralized and accessible place.
You can focus on project implementation.
Save casts and time during audit inspection by competent authorities.


ONCAT can be accessed anytime, during project implementation and beyond during the time it is open to control by EC or other competent bodies.


Anywhere (with an Internet connection)